Video submissions being accepted for Smallville ‘Believe in Heroes Challenge’


After 10 seasons, 3 Primetime Emmy Awards, another 26 wins and 112 nominations, The WB Television Network hit series “Smallville” is ending its run by sponsoring an exciting competition for fan’s of the show a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a guest star on one of the final season’s episodes.

In the episode “Beacon,” to air on February 4th 2011, Clark is at an emotional turning point, with Metropolis split by a conflict between proponents of the government’s Vigilante Registration Act and rival rallies to propagate support for intrinsic heroes like The Blur. Clark’s friends assure him that he is, indeed, making a difference in his crime-fighting role as The Blur, and to validate their point, they show him videos from the Internet in which ordinary citizens express what The Blur means to them, what it means to be a hero – and what it means to have heroes and have faith in them.

Beginning Friday, December 10, at 11:00am PST, and continuing through Monday, December 20, at 11:00am PST, “Smallville” fans can submit their own video testimonial as one of these hopeful citizens by uploading videos to The CW’s official website.

In these videos, viewers – speaking in character as impassioned citizens of Metropolis and around the world, fighting for the rights of their heroes – can express what The Blur means to them and talk about why they believe in these super heroes.

“Smallville” producers and the team will review the submissions and select a number of the user-submitted videos for broadcast as the testimonials that Clark watches during the “Beacon” episode airing Friday, February 4 at 8:00pm ET/PT on The CW.

In addition to selecting the winning videos to be used in the episode, the “Smallville” producers and team will also select a number of additional favorite videos that will be posted to following the broadcast.

On the “Believe in Heroes Challenge” registration page you will need to provide the following information:

● Your first name, last name, street address (No PO Boxes), city, state, zip code, daytime telephone number, email address and date of birth.

● Using your own video camera, operated only by you, record a segment aka “BlurBlog”, no more than two minutes long, that imagines you as a resident of the Smallville universe commenting on what The Red Blue Blur means to you as a hero, and what it means to have superheroes in your life.

● You must convert the BlurBlog video file to one of the following formats in a file size not to exceed 50 MB:


● Upload your video file on the Registration page.

● No other person than you may appear in a BlurBlog video you submit, or that specific submission will be disqualified.

● No music of any kind may appear in a BlurBlog you submit, or that specific submission will be disqualified.

● No logos, brand names, or copy-written material may appear a BlurBlog you submit including any form of the Superman or Smallville-related logo. If any of the above-mentioned mediums appear in a BlurBlog that you submit, that specific submission will be disqualified.

Please read the “Believe in Heroes Challenge” rules and terms of use.

If you think you can give a great performance of a citizen of Metropolis, go upload your “BlurBlog” at the following Official Smallville website:

Believe in Heroes Challenge Entry

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The series follows the adventures of Clark Kent, who resides in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas, during the years before he becomes Superman. The first four seasons focused on Clark and his friends’ high school years. Since season five, the show has ventured into more adult settings, eventually focusing on his career at the Daily Planet, as well as introducing other DC comic book superheroes and villains.

Production on the 10th and final season ends on April 20, 2011.