New Real Life Romantic Comedy TV Show Casting Single Women in Southern California


Do you want to find the love of your life by Valentine’s Day? MysticArt Pictures is casting an exciting new real-life romantic comedy TV show aimed at helping women find the man of their dreams.

Love Life

Are you tired of having everyone ask you why you are not in a relationship yet? Well the producers of this new show will help you find “Mr. Right”.

Casting directors are currently seeking single women who have extremely dynamic, opinionated, and colorful families who have strong family values and traditions. If you feel you and your family are ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity, then contact MysticArt Pictures now!

Show requirements:

● Dynamic outgoing women from the mid 20’s to early 40’s

● Strong ethnically and culturally diverse families

● You and your family MUST currently live in Southern California

● Must be a legal US resident

● Must be single and ready for love

If you meet the above requirements and would like to be considered for the show, please email your information to the following:

[email protected]

Please include your name, age, contact phone numbers, email addresses, a recent photograph of yourself, family members that live in the area, mom, dad, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, etc and a brief summary of why you are ready to find love right now.

For any additional information, contact MysticArt Pictures at (818) 563-4131