Gordon Ramsay’s FOX hit show ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ season 4 auditions


Does your restaurant need help? Are you trying hard to make some serous money but are still running in the red? Do you and your chef have different ideas about the menu? Or maybe you have a great location, but are can’t seem to bring in many customers? If you are a restaurant owner or operator and any of this sounds familiar, then FOX’s hit show ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ wants to hear from you.

If you want to apply to have Chef Gordon Ramsay come into your establishment for one week to troubleshoot your problems and try to get you on the road to success, then please submit a video audition to the show’s casting directors. Establishments must be open at least one year, offer dinner service, and have at least 35 seats.

The show is casting in the following cities:

Los Angeles


NY Tri-State Area

New Orleans – Baton Rouge

San Francisco

● Download and follow the Kitchen Nightmares Video Self-Submit Guidelines.

● Restaurant owners or operators download and complete the Kitchen Nightmares Casting Application and Release Form.

Make sure to include the following:

● Your name and full contact information including a phone number.
● City/State
● Name of your restaurant.
● Type of cuisine and your specialty.
● How many seats you have.
● And most importantly, why you need Chef Gordon Ramsay’s help.

Send your Kitchen Nightmares Casting Application and Release Form as a PDF, JPG, or WORD DOC attachment along with your Video Audition to:

[email protected]

Yousendit.com is also free and easy site to submit the video and application form.

You can also send in your Audition Video and Casting Application via regular mail to:

The Conlin Company
11825 Major Street

Suite 106

Culver City CA 90230

Please DO NOT post to YouTube and send them a link.
Please send the video to their email address or postal mail address.